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Laminate flooring Pros and Cons
Laminate can install fast and easy with
the right tools. Fast: you can install
300 square feet in one weekend. Older
types of laminate flooring required you
to glue pieces to each other. Today's
types of laminate flooring have a
click/lock or fold/lock design that allows
planks to fit together like puzzle pieces.
Easy: since the planks are constructed
of soft particle board, they can be cut
with a Chop saw or even a hand saw.
JRH Flooring uses the best and most
modern tools to get the job done right.
While designed to be easy, the
click/lock or fold/lock design often does
not work as well as it should. Sides of
the boards can be especially difficult to
join with adjoining sides. Also, if you
force boards into place, you risk
curling up the top wear layer,
compromising the floor's ability to
resist moisture. JRH Flooring has the
expertise to install your laminate
without the hassle or damage from a
DIY install.
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